The Power of People - Sangha Unity Network The Power of People workshop August 12th 2019 in Lawrenceville with Sangha Unity Network.

University of Georgia Gwinnett Campus

Star Choices Inc. continues to prioritize ongoing development and education for employees.  This full day interactive workshop was designed for the people who work for and support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  This workshop incorporated and built upon the work of John O’Brien, Connie Lyle O’Brien and Beth Mount through understandable content from the Five Valued Experiences and the Wheelpower model of strengthening self-advocacy.

Star Choices Inc. is committed to using person-centered approaches and practices in our daily work. To provide supports in this way, we must start with an understanding of who people are, what they’ve experienced, what they need, and their vision for their future. This workshop was an excellent opportunity to reflect as a team on the work we have done, while simultaneously pushing ourselves to improve in the future.

We left with a plan to assist folks we support to have opportunities to belong, to contribute, to develop real relationships, and acquire or deepen a valued social role in the areas detailed in the WheelPower model.  Thank you Katie & Michelle for rejuvenating us and giving us tools as we move forward on our educational journey.