Community Residential Alternative (CRA)

Community Residential Alternative (CRA) Services

CRA services include assistance with and/or training in activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, other personal hygiene, feeding, toileting, transferring, and other similar tasks.  These services also include training and/or assistance in household care, such as meal preparation, clothes laundering, bed-making, housecleaning, simple home repair, yard care, and other similar tasks.  CRA services consist of medically related services, such as basic first aid, arranging and transporting participants to medical appointments, assisting with therapeutic exercises, and assisting with or supervising self administration of medication.  These services also consist of implementing behavioral support plans designed for participants to reduce inappropriate and/or maladaptive behaviors and to acquire alternative adaptive skills and behaviors.

The monthly maximum number of units is 27, regardless of the number of days in the particular month of service.