Supported Employment (SE)


Hard working people

Supported Employment Individual (SEI)

  • Staff to associate served ratio = 1 staff per 1 associate

Supported Employment Group  (SEG)

  • Staff to associate ratio = 1 staff per 10 associate

SE services consist of activities needed to obtain an sustain paid work by participants, including job location, job development, supervision, training, services and supports that assist participants in achieving self-employment through the operation of a business, including helping the participant identify potential business opportunities, assisting in the development of a business plan, identifying the supports that are necessary for the participant to operate a business, and ongoing assistance, counseling and guidance once the business has been launched.  These services do not including supervisory activities rendered as a normal part of business setting.

  • Star Choices matches employee skills with employer needs.
  • We represent people who have unique skills to contribute
  • We work with employers to determine whether they have specific needs that match those skills
  • If a match is identified, a job description is tailored to fit both the applicant and the employer
  • We Provide Backup and Supports
  • We believe that the best way to address training and support needs is to start by doing things Your Way
  • Then as issues arise at work, we will assist you at your request
  • We can suggest personalized training strategies, adaptations, modifications, and other solutions to help assure success.
  • Matching Employees’ Skills to Your Specific Needs
  • Job Analysis Based on Your Company’s Culture and Needs
  • Onsite Support to Both You and Your New Employee
  • Assistance in Problem Solving Technology and Accommodation
  • Doing things Your Way; Then Making Recommendations as the Need Arises