Host Homes / Life Sharing

Process for Enrolling, Matching, and Monitoring Host Home/Life-Sharing Sites for DBHDD Developmental Disability Community Service Providers, 02-704

Host Home Provider

  • Contract to share your home with 1 or 2 individuals with disabilities
  • Contract to provide support to these individuals with disabilities with skills such as meal preparation, daily living needs, etc.

Pre-Employment Requirements

  • Reliable transportation
  • Good driving record
  • Pre-employment drug screen
  • Fingerprints (national & state)
  • Strong desire to support people with disabilities




All jobs are contingent on passage of hiring processes:

  • References check
  • Background check (Employers expense)
  • Shadowing/training
  • TB test(Employers expense)
  • drug screen(Employers expense)
  • physical(Employers expense)
  • First aid CPR class (Employers expense)

All have to be complete before starting.  Usually takes 2-4 weeks from interview date.


If you are looking for work that is challenging and offers opportunities for personal growth, please send a resume and applications to:

Hall, Gwinnett

Stephens, Franklyn, Habersham