Community Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s)


General Description: Under direct supervision of a Team Leader, DSP’s are expected to complete all job duties required to support individuals with disabilities in their homes and communities, and maintain a high level of professionalism.


Basic Job Duties:

  1. Direct Support
    • Provide active and engaged supports that integrate with a person’s capacities and preferences
    • Teach individuals the skills required to be a self-advocate and properly communicate their preference in how and when they receive supports
    • When required, actively support individuals with daily living activities including but not limited to bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing, ambulation, transferring, and eating


  • When required, actively support individuals with daily management skills including but not limited to maintaining proper nutrition, home management, housekeeping tasks, budgeting, and medical related activities
  • When required, actively support individuals with living skills including but not limited to proper communication, recognizing and dealing with emergencies, exercising their rights, and developing relationships with their families and other members of the community
  • Proactively deal with conflict in a tactful manner
  • When necessary, complete all steps needed in your role as a mandated reporter


  1. Community Connection


  • Support individuals to develop and explore opportunities in their community based off their personal preference, interests and choices 
  • Facilitate new and ongoing connections with community members
  • Teach, demonstrate, and work with community members to ensure full community inclusion for individuals with disabilities



III. Administrative Requirements


  • Maintain a completed timecard by electronically clocking in and out for each shift as scheduled
  • Turn in appropriately filled out mileage forms to the Team Leader no later 3pm on the 21st of every month
  • In a timely manner, turn in updated annual personnel forms as requested by your Team Leader (updated insurance cards, TB tests, CPR/ First aid certification)
  • Maintain the capacity of lifting 50 pounds



  1. Training


  • Attend and participate in monthly scheduled training and development meetings
  • Complete all assigned online training assignments in a timely manner
  • Attend and complete all annual required trainings



  1. Documentation


  • Complete and submit all required documentation by the end of your shift


  • Provide qualitative content in notes, including choices, interaction, supports given, responses, and connections during shifts


Maintaining a Positive Teamwork Environment

  1. Professional Relationship with Individuals
  • Listen and act upon what individuals are saying about their preferences concerning when and how they receive support
  • Interact with individuals in a respectful manner, using age-appropriate forms of personal address, appropriate language, and tone of voice
  • Interact with individuals in an open, direct, and sincere manner
  • Respect individuals’ rights and choices
  • Interact with others in a culturally appropriate manner





  1. Professional Relationship with Star Choices Team


  • Communicate respectfully, clearly and often with your Team Leader and other team members
  • Give honest feedback and constructive criticism in an appropriate manner
  • Demonstrate actions and attitudes that reflect the Mission and Vision of Star Choices, and adhere to the DSP code of ethics
  • Demonstrate willingness to support team members by assisting in tasks as needed, and completing job duties assigned to you on your shift.
  • Demonstrate adaptability to changing supports and needs on a day to day basis
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment by practicing standard precautions, and familiarizing yourself with emergency plans


  • Interact with others in a culturally appropriate manner

III. Maintains Professional Relationship with Families and Others Providing


  • Communicate respectfully, clearly and appropriately with families and
  • support coordinators
  • Communicate respectfully, clearly and appropriately with members of the
  • community
  • Act as example to the community on how to interact with individuals with
  • disabilities.

Private Home Care Positions

This position includes any DSP who provides support to individuals whose services are under the Private Home Care License.

  1. Personal Care tasks
  • Ambulation and transfer of clients, including positioning
  • Assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing and eating.
  • Home Management
  • Home Safety and Sanitation
  • Housekeeping tasks
  • Infection control in the home
  • Medically related activities to include the taking of vital signs
  • Support and monitor proper nutrition and fluid intake
  • Provide assistance with ambulation and transferring, including positioning
  1. Companion or sitter tasks
  • Provide transport and escort services
  • Provide support with meal preparation and serving
  • Provide support with household tasks essential to cleanliness and safety


All jobs are contingent on passage of hiring processes:

  • References check
  • Background check (Employers expense)
  • Shadowing/training
  • TB test(Employers expense)
  • drug screen(Employers expense)
  • physical(Employers expense)
  • First aid CPR class (Employers expense)

All have to be complete before starting.  Usually takes 2-4 weeks from interview date.


If you are looking for work that is challenging and offers opportunities for personal growth, please send a resume and applications to:

Hall, Gwinnett

Stephens, Franklyn, Habersham