Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP)

Purpose of the COMP Program

The COMP waiver program, which serves individuals with more intensive needs, primarily provides residential care for individuals with I/DD. These individuals require comprehensive and intensive services and need out-of-home residential support and supervision or intensive levels of in-home services to remain in the community.

The purpose of the COMP program is to offer comprehensive and extensive waiver services to enable individuals with urgent and intense needs to avoid institutional placement. The COMP program provides the level of services needed by individuals transitioning from institutions to community living.

Goals for participants in the COMP program include:

• Avoiding the need for institutional placement.
• Increasing independence and quality of life of individuals with ID/DD who have intensive or comprehensive support needs.
• Facilitating the transition of institutionalized individuals to community living.
• Offering opportunities statewide for participant direction by waiver participants who have intensive or comprehensive support needs.
• Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of COMP program participants.


Individuals who meet the level of care that would be required in an intermediate-care facility for people with intellectual disabilities (ICF-ID) may be eligible for home- and community-based services as an alternative through Georgia’s Medicaid NOW and COMP waiver programs.

To qualify for these waiver programs and be offered the choice of community-based services instead of institutional care, the individual must first meet the criteria for Medicaid payment in an institution and certain other criteria.
Specific qualifications:

• Are categorically eligible Medicaid recipients.
• Have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability and/or a closely related condition.
• Are currently receiving the level of care provided in an ICF-ID that is reimbursable under the State Plan, and for whom home- and community-based services are determined to be an appropriate alternative.
• Are likely to require the level of care provided in an ICF-ID that would be reimbursable under the State Plan in the absence of home- and community-based services that are determined to be an appropriate alternative.

COMP Waiver Program Services

  • Adult Dental Services
  • Adult Nursing Service
  • Adult Occupational Therapy Services
  • Adult Physical Therapy Services
  • Adult Speech and Language Therapy Services Additional Staffing Services
  • Behavioral Supports Services Level I Behavioral Supports Services Level II Community Access Services
  • Community Guide Services
  • Community Living Support Services
  • Community Residential Alternative Services (COMP only)
  • Environmental Accessibility
  • Adaptation Services
  • Financial Support Services
  • Individual Directed Goods and Services Interpreter Services
  • Natural Support Training Services
  • Nutrition Services
  • Pre-vocational Services
  • Respite Services
  • Respite Out-of-Home 15-minute Services Specialized Medical
  • Equipment Services
  • Specialized Medical Supplies Services Support Coordination Services
  • Intensive Support Coordination Services Supported Employment Services Transportation Services
  • Vehicle Adaption Services

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