Star Choices Inc. continues to increase access to specialized trainings for all staff.  In 2019, Star Choices offered all required annual training to staff in an interactive online format, College of Direct Support (CDS).  This was made possible through an ongoing partnership with UGA and the Living Well project, a collaborative effort focused on increasing skills and training for Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) to increase better outcomes for people who experience disabilities.  CDS, an eLearning platform, has allowed Star Choices to focus in-person monthly development on building competencies in DSPs; creating connections in the community, sharpening skills of DSPs on discovering the gifts, interest, and desires of the folks they support, just to name a few.  Star Choices can do this while still making sure staff have required annual trainings. This multifaceted approach to adult learning is helping Star Choices to keep its commitment to ongoing education for staff and better outcomes for people supported by the company.