Renewed Attention In our strategic plan one of our focus items has been recruitment and retention. One way we are working toward improvement in this area is by renewing our attention to the new hire process. We want all new hires to feel welcomed and a part of the team from day 1. Some steps we have put into place is every new employee receives a welcome basket and is personally welcomed by each office staff during their first day. We work to ensure the new hire is introduced to Star Choices mission and vision and understands how our mission and vision guides our work. Another step is every new employee is introduced to a “buddy” who is a current employee. This buddy accompanies the new hire along with their supervisor to lunch on their first day and is available to answer any questions about the job or company. Their buddy will check in with them through out their first couple of months to ensure all is going well. We want to create a comfortable and memorable first few days for new hires to start off what we hope is a long relationship with Star Choices.