We have heard staff’s needs and concerns regarding communication between Residential staff and administration. This new strategy for management is twofold.  First, we will have all 3 team leaders invested and given responsibilities in the Habersham/Stephens county areas. Second, we will hire a House Manager for each group residence.

The administrative team sculpted this new strategy, in hopes this will lead to more stability/support for Habersham & Stephens counties.  Each Team leader will work from the Habersham/Stephens County area at least 4 days per month, usually 1 day per week.

In addition to Team leader restructure, each group residence will have a House Manager advocating passionately to administration needs for the individuals served in their home and specific needs of the home.   House Manager position will include working weekly 2 (24 hour) shifts in a group residence and then spending ~10 hours per week on Administrative oversight/responsibilities for that group residence. The ideal candidate would have DSP and supervisory/house manager experience, ability to solve problems, and ability to work well independently and as part of a larger team.  We are very excited to have already filled this new position in 3 of the 6 group residences. Callie, Medina, and DeeDee, we are so excited to have you in these new roles.