What is Star Choices Inc. Planning committee?

A few times a year, Star Choices Inc. sits down as a group, Community/Residential DSP’s, front line supervisors, & agency positional leaders from all 3 major locations across the state or Georgia, to look over progress on our agency wide 3-year strategic plan.  This group looks over how we have done at achieving our company wide goals on our strategic plan.  We discuss where we have fallen short where our successes lie and determine new strategies for the future.  We then plan priorities for the next 6-months company wide.  We want to constantly be improving and making changes that benefit the folks we support and the staff that provide that support. We recognize the need for a variety of perspectives to help us plan and stay accountable for constant improvement. Each member then goes back and is an ambassador for the work we are doing as a company.  The idea is to have ambassadors throughout our organizations who are gathering information from staff throughout the year and then making sure the voice, complaints, ideas, etc. from all staff are brought up and discussed when planning for our future. (If Star Choices is important to you and this sounds like a cause you can get behind please contact Robert Chandler CEO for more information.)

October was a wonderful meeting where the committee members could have candid discussions regarding progress, regression, or stagnation on various priorities, as well as planning for success for the next 6 months.  The next time we meet in the 2nd quarter of 2020 we will begin the process of creating a new 3-year strategic plan, as we only have ~10 months left on our current 3 years strategic plan.