Hall County

We are looking for more qualified individuals. Here are the current available positions:

Direct Support Professional 24 hour overnight shifts (Flowery Branch GA/ Hall County area)

We are support individuals in a shared residences or group homes in the Hall County. There are 5 homes currently opened; 3 gentlemen houses and 2 Ladies houses, where we support either 3 or 4 individuals who experience intellectual disabilities. These shifts will begin each day at 5pm – and last until 5pm the next day. (we need to cover 7 days a week 365 days per year.  Number of shifts to work each week negotiable and based on current coverage needs. (PRN availability to cover shifts on short noticed is also needed.)
Job Duties will include but are not limited to:

Cooking, Cleaning, assisting with hygiene, transportation, assist with medical appointments, helping others to become more involved in the community. Starting pay $7.25 p/h (all hours over 40 paid at time @1/2 or ~$10.88 p/h (yes sleep time counts toward hours) ~ (PT and FT employee positions.). Reimbursed for mileage $ .30 per mile. FT employees have access to benefits such as: retirement, sick leave, annual leave, etc. (so if you work 2 shifts per week then 8 hours of your second shift is paid at $10.88 p/h; If you work 3 shifts per week then 32 hours would be paid at $10.88 p/h)

Positions located Hall County (Flowery Branch)

Community Access Workers

We support 23 individuals that live in 5 shared residences in the Flowery Branch GA/ Hall County area.  Also, we support individuals that live with their family. We are looking for community access workers.  The position would be going out into the community and exploring the individuals interest toward employment, volunteerism, making friends, joining a walking club, getting involved in other activities.  The large majority of this would be 1-1 work meaning you would only have one person you were exploring interest with at a time.  We would train you with several individuals and see who you matched the best with to support.  Then you and the individuals you begin to support would figure out the schedule.  Shifts are all based around when the activities/ job search occurs for a particular individual. (Mostly Mon- Fri 9-5)  Each person receives ~8 hours per week.  (So Example: if you work with 3 individuals then that is 24 hours per week, or if you prefer only to work with 2 individuals ~8 hours per week that would be 16 hours of work.)   Reimbursed for mileage      $ .30 per mile. Starting pay $8 p/h.

Positions located Hall County (Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Gainesville, and surrounding area)

Direct Support Workers

We are looking for individuals to cover a 5-6 hour shifts, we have some open shifts each day of the week, 7 days a week.  These shifts will be in the home as well as the community.  Preparing meals, transportation to doctors appointments, assisting with household chores, taking individuals out into the community to assist with creating relationships/natural supports, etc.  Starting pay $8 p/h. Reimbursed for mileage $ .30 per mile

Positions located Hall County (Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Gainesville)



All jobs are contingent on passage of hiring processes:

  • References check
  • Background check (Employers expense)
  • Shadowing/training
  • TB test(Employers expense)
  • drug screen(Employers expense)
  • physical(Employers expense)
  • First aid CPR class (Employers expense)

All have to be complete before starting.  Usually takes 2-4 weeks from interview date.


If you are looking for work that is challenging and offers opportunities for personal growth, please send a resume and applications to:

Hall, Gwinnett

Stephens, Franklyn, Habersham